PSNC Briefing 046/16: An introduction to STPs (September 2016)

PSNC Briefing 046/16: An introduction to STPs (September 2016)

In December 2015, the NHS planning guidance document for 2016/17 and beyond was published (summarised in PSNC Briefing 006/16: Delivering the Forward View: NHS planning guidance 2016/17 to 2020/21), which advised that every health and care system in England would have to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), to drive forward  the aims of the NHS Five Year Forward View (5YFV). These STPs would form the basis for place-based planning and commissioning of services, to cover the five-year period between October 2016 and March 2021. The STP would also cover all areas of NHS spending in England.

This PSNC Briefing summarises the elements of STPs which are of most relevance to community pharmacy.

PSNC Briefing 046/16: An introduction to STPs

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